Preventative Maintenance

We realize that managing buildings facilities can be stressful, so choosing the right elevator service provider is vital. We know top operational performance is a direct result of quality service and a consistent program of preventative maintenance.

Our competition responds to higher operating cost by scheduling less frequent and shorter maintenance visits. We believe in keeping our technicians work load flexible allowing for quick response times to our customer's needs. We provide the appropriate service necessary to keep your elevator running safely and smoothly, thus reducing elevator shutdowns.

Were you promised service that's not been meeting your expectations? We would appreciate the opportunity to show you what we can provide you. As a matter of fact show us your existing contract and we won't just match it, we will offer you more coverage for less.

There is no more important action you can take to insure a positive return on your product investment than scheduled Preventive Elevator Maintenance. Busch Brothers Elevator Company can provide Preventive Maintenance services tailored to meet your needs and to insure a safe and proper operation of your equipment.

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